Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been gathering momentum since the early nineties, with the introduction of globalization and the explosion of economic activity. Corporate Social Responsibility can be understood as the voluntary and active contribution on the part of firms to generate social and environmental improvement, mainly in order to contribute to the improvement of their corporate image.

Social Responsibility is a corporate strategy that involves the commitment of companies, through the application of resources, to promote the respect for the rights of people and care for the environment. This commitment involves concrete actions seeking the benefit of all stakeholders in the activities of the company (shareholders, employees, suppliers, distributors and the community as a whole).

CSR is not based on what companies should do, but what companies can do. These are opportunities, not obligations. That is, a strategy to add value to a company, through a closer look at some of the social and environmental aspects of business activities.

CSR in Bolivia

In Bolivia, Corporate Social Responsibility begins to take hold as a concept and as a strategy by domestic companies trying to enter international arenas. In order to become more competitive, entrepreneurial ventures are required to include the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), an important requirement to cover domestic and foreign markets.

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