Philanthropy, Strategic Philanthropy and Donations

Philanthropy is expressed in the form of aid to those most in need, without expecting anything in return. The concept of philanthropy has developed in modern times and currently covers various topics such as: the promotion of art, culture, ecological recovery, etc.

This assistance is provided primarily by individuals organized into one institution, usually nongovernmental, therefore dependent on support and donations to continue its work.

Volunteering, donations and social non-profit actions, are part of philanthropy.

The Progress Foundation is a non-profit entity within the structure of a foundation, but does not work under the ideology of traditional philanthropy. Rather, the Foundation falls more within the logic of strategic philanthropy. Modern philanthropy, which can be called strategic philanthropy, seeks to create a promising future as well, but becomes a means to redistribute some of the wealth generated in the business sector. For example, wealth is created from the company and than given to a productive social utility. The Progress Foundation is noted below this line and kept open to all kinds of volunteers and donations from people who want to contribute to improving the quality of life for individuals in need.

Progress Foundation provides excellent opportunities for volunteering in Bolivia, working with underserved populations, targeted for professionals in the areas of economics, sociology and related fields.

As for donations, they can be made at any time by any person or entity that wants to contribute to the work of the Foundation in Bolivia.

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