The progress Foundation offers a variety of innovative opportunities for social entrepreneurs, private sector or the non-profit sector a like.

Social entrepreneurs

The Progress Foundation provides a true commitment that allows replication, scalability and appropriate funding tools for social entrepreneurs. We strongly believe that social entrepreneurial initiatives contain the ideal elements for the construction of equitable, productive, innovative and self-sustaining communities.

Private sector

The Foundation provides the private sector with two unique alternatives in order to promote social impact. The first -made possible by our operational platforms- direct relationship with the non-profit sector, or, for the first time with hybrid organizations driven by social missions but defined by their pursuit of financial returns. The second alternative offers the possibility of being a partner, an investor for these entrepreneurial initiatives. Our impact investment platform offers the first and only portfolio of profitable social investment in the country.

Non-profit sector

We believe that philanthropy and charity, while important and necessary, are not the only alternatives in the pursuit of poverty alleviation. We offer an alternative, which is not mutually exclusive to strictly philanthropically approaches, but focuses on the need to create social impact initiatives that are innovative, sustainable and profitable. The Foundation proposes an innovative third sector, which uses the markets force to find real solutions to poverty and inequality.

What we do